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A day of sleuthing

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I gotta say this has been a heck of a day, starting just before 8 am this morning with a phonecall from my neighbor across the street from the hall with the unfortunate news that my 1200 lb crated shelter went missing last night 😳

It was great chatting with many of my neighbors. Some very interesting details were uncovered, which I cannot disclose publicly but if anyone is interested, reach out privately. I basically need to let the police do their work.

Though I feel disappointed, the silver lining is that the neighbors have been so supportive and lovely which makes me so happy to be part of this community, even with the occasional blighter.

The only message I have for the ones that left all the empty liquor bottles beside the church and stole the shelter is this careful... what you reap you will sow, whatever you give, you will get back, plus an extra measure. It's a universal law which we have no control over. So do not hesitate to turn to doing good and good will return to you.

I have the utmost faith that this story will have a good ending.


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