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Maryboro Lodge Museum

Updated: Jan 13

I came across this site today featuring the Glenarm Hall, formerly the Knox Presbyterian Church, and felt honoured to have a part in continuing the history of this circa 1890 place in Glenarm.

Thank you Maryboro Lodge Museum for your interest in the historical features of the Kawartha Lakes region and for including Glenarm in your heritage reviews.

I am excited to see this little hamlet become an active hub for community events for the surrounding Kawartha Lakes area.

I had lunch today with someone who can help me with plans for a Pickleball venture in the near future. Of course everything is dependent on time and resources. However with Pickleball gaining popularity, I think we should leave it on the table as a possibility.

Currently the new windows, which will replace all 12 windows with double thermal *glass windows, are scheduled to be installed over the next week or so. That will hopefully keep the flies out and the heat in. Also they will now be able to open to allow a breeze through.

*The old windows were made of thin plexiglass which were in disrepair and had many cracks and spaces for flies to enter. Funny, I hadn't realized you could get windows with plexiglass.

The renovations inside are going along at a slow but steady pace and we're still expecting to be ready to resume community activities in the spring.

Last year things slowed to a crawl with my brother Bill being so ill, I just wanted to be there for my Mom and put all my energy with my brother while I still had him.

He will always be part of this venture, because he helped with the kitchen reno's while he was still able to.

Forever in our heart Bill. 🙏

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