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Photos of the progress

I almost forgot to include some of the latest photos along with the completed work, as well as proposed work to be completed as the budget allows.


  1. Gravel in driveway and gravel pad for sheds which creates a bit of a miniature village for the purpose of our farmers markets, thanks to Mike Fudge for all your hard work.

  2. The 30 x 40 shelter got delivered (not yet errected) for the purpose of vehicle storage, and overflow picnic event shelter. There is a funny-not funny story that I may share at some point but for now, let's just pretend this was all part of the plan.

  3. Painting inside completed. We no longer have pistachio green walls. They are now a neutral off white. Thank you Ontario Student Painters.

  4. Water is turned on finally. Thanks to Archers plumbing.

  5. Grass is back to a normal height and makes the church look cared for. Thank you to Dustin Moore for meeting my deadline on such brutally hot days and for giving us back our baseball diamond as well.

  6. Kitchen is pretty much completed for now with the exception of a couple of small changes in the future but it's a functioning kitchen in the meantime. I've probably forgot a few things I'll circle back to later.

The following are are things we are currently working on...

  1. Getting the mezzanine all one level.

  2. Removing the current stage and replacing with a lower slightly smaller stage.

  3. Removing many of the pews. 😔

  4. Removing carpeting which is being donated to another nearby church. Thanks Lizz Hoyle for reaching out recently.

  5. Getting urns done with perennials.

Things to be done in the near future.

  1. Repair the roof. Sooner than later 😬.

  2. Address windows. Repair or replace. 🥺

  3. Errect the 30 x 40 shelter at the back of the church with large bin blocks for added strength because of strong winds characteristic of that corner.

  4. New flooring inside the church. Thanks for your help with the delivery of the flooring Ray Sweeten. He really is a 'sweet 'n.

  5. Finish basement with a new storage room, flooring and powder room.

  6. Enlarge main floor bathrooms.

  7. Large T shaped awning to provide shelter while guests arrive.

  8. Create a café/bar area which will enhance future events.

  9. Finish inside of sheds for the farmers market which will include counters and lighting.

  10. Create a reception area.

  11. Velvet curtains and backdrop behind stage.

  12. 2 Chandeliers and 4 large fans in main hall.

  13. Redo walkways in front of church/hall.

  14. Put in botanical gardens around from front along south side of building.

  15. Add a few shrubs on north side of building.

As you can see, we have lots more to do but we're not in a race and we can still hold community events without everything being completed. After all, the town was built from Hardscrabblers. 😊

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