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Updated: May 7, 2023

So the renovations begin at Glenarm Hall.

It's exciting and a bit overwhelming as various quotations are received, at the same time more and more areas to be repaired are discovered.

The cement sidewalk needs to be dug up, repair foundation crack, vapor barrier installed, mezzanine altered to one level, take out front portion of stage, put additional supports in basement, take apart pews for sale and some in storage, update kitchen and 2 bathrooms, obtain sheds, shelters for outside storage, paint the entire place. Remove carpeting, sand floors in main hall, recarpet front foyer, put nice big awning in front, gravel driveway and foundation for sheds, window treatments, remove the front stage. The list is longer.

One nice thing to discover was the amount of materials we can repurpose as we begin some demolition, which will be used in many other projects.

Always see the bright side.

For example, in the 1990's the Knox Presbyterian church did a renovation placing plywood down over the hardwood floors in the main hall, (then carpet over that). So the plywood will be used in the reconstruction of the mezzanine.

I'm not a fan of wall to wall carpet in high traffic areas so I'm thinking to scrap it, but it had many years of service giving the patrons of the church a very quiet entrance and exit. Now we're ready to hear the clickety clatter of heels and footwear.

The tiered flooring being removed from the mezzanine level will be sanded down and used for the new floor which will be lowered by 2' and will become the private bridal lounge where the bridal party can go to freshen up and take a bit of a breather, on their big day.

Another item to be repurposed will be the church pews with the most gorgeous cherry wood plank bench boards to be used for large harvest tables, 2 murphy cabinets, some cabinetry, and a library.

Anybody need any burgundy floral carpeting?

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